Sunday, June 21, 2015

international languages

Many things are difficult to translate when you fully don’t speak the common tongue of the country you are in. I fumble over my Arabic words at times trying to discuss things and don’t feel like I am fully expressing myself. With my words not fully able to express how I feel, I am realizing the things we have that can be considered an international language.

The number one translatable item through every single city, culture, religion, and continent is a smile. Laughter, happiness, giggling, a big wide toothed grin is understood by all.  When you are at a loss for words just smiling reassures the person that you are appreciative and pleased. A smile indicates so much; it can reveal gratitude, happiness, or bliss. Smiling towards a stranger walking on the street is always returned with a smile.

Our last trip to Lebanon, another international dialect became apparent to me and that was futbol (also known as soccer). The World Cup was airing 5 years ago when I was last here and futbol is understood by all. You didn’t need to speak the language to root on your team and just enjoy the game. 

Today on the longest day of the year north of the equator, the summer solstice, and first day of summer I realized another language understood internationally and that is yoga. Today marked the first international yoga day and we participated here in Beirut. Yogis all around the world understand the essence of yoga and no language barrier can stop the flow.

We all may not speak the same language and understand each other constantly.
But we all can share a smile and recognize happiness.
We can cheer on our team in futbol all together.

And we can all OM and flow together.