Monday, January 23, 2017

you are not stuck

You are NOT stuck. I feel as if I have to state that because we all have a tendency to forget or feel so trapped in our current state that we don’t realize a way out. We continue in committed relationships because we think that’s the best we are going to get. We consider that we were only given this one person and that I am messing it up, so we need to continue until we can fix it. That’s not the case. If you are in a toxic relationship that doesn’t make you feel excited and happy for every single day then you don’t have to stay in it. Be that a relationship with your significant other or a friendship. If you don’t feel supported, loved, appreciated and just simply happy with this person, you CAN leave. You have the capability to get up and walk out. It is mustering up the courage to do so that takes so long.
At times we know it. We know in the back of our mind that the person we are with is not the one we want to marry. We feel it deep in the pit of our stomach that they are not our forever. But we still remain hopeful and trying to force it. We change ourselves to make it work because we think that the time accrued from this relationship is more valuable then our own happiness. We put our significant other before us to the point that we lose our self. The fights continue and the blame is always placed on you. To the point where you start to believe it yourself, believe that you are unworthy and you alone create the chaos and disruption in the bond.

It’s a trap. A trap to make you believe you can not leave. To make you believe that THIS is the happiest you will be. A trap that has been forming far before you can even remember. The idea of inadequacy planted deep within you as a child and grown into adulthood to make you believe you are not enough. Which makes you strive to make friendships and relationships last because of the complete lack of self.
You feel entire disconnection from yourself because you know what your gut is telling you but you are having trouble facing it. To actually admit defeat that the relationship is not meant to remain will be the toughest part.

But slowly, once you surrender and walk away. You start to realize who you are.
The happiness within you that you forgot existed begins to reveal itself. The shining light that you had that was put out by the relationship returns in full brightness. Because you have finally did it! You did what you knew from the beginning that you had to do.
There are so many people that do not know their beauty or worth, that remain in relationships and settling for unhappiness. They don’t realize the fact that they deserve happiness and they can have it.

You have the strength and the courage to do things that make you happy. You’ve had it within you this whole time. Now you must follow your intuition and allow the person you have always meant to be shine through.
If you are crying more than smiling and you can feel your gut instinct begging you to make a drastic move. Do it! Because at the end of the day, if you two were not meant to be together then maybe you were both meant for another.
There will be someone out there who will appreciate every thing about you. Who will find all your quirks and oddities, are what makes you who you are.

But until that time, you must fall in love with you and the freedom of singledom.
You must realize you are enough and you have always been enough. Fall in love with you and be fully yourself, because truly there is no one better to impersonate.
Why waste anymore time being unhappy? Don’t allow a fearful story you’ve told yourself for over a century continue playing out in the present.

You are not stuck!

& you deserve happiness.