Tuesday, September 22, 2015

yogis in training

Yoga is the poetry of movement.
& we are about to become poets.

Abigail and I are off next month to Costa Rica to become yoga certified !!!
We will be staying for about a month on a 400 acre ranch.
Our experience will include deepening our knowledge of yoga, exploring the anatomy of the poses and absorbing the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer.
To say we are excited would be an understatement.

Pura Vida & Namaste 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

girls GIRLS girls why can't we all just be friends?

This is a public announcement to US ALL !

We waste so much time hating each other.
When we can just all be friends.

We all experience it.

I think it is time we wake up.

Why is it that the second we meet another female we feel the need to dislike her the second we meet her?

Let me give you a visual of what happens.
When a female walks into a party. Alone or with a small posse of her girlfriends.
We judge.
We all do it.
We look each other up and down.
From head to toe.
How trashy her heels are.
How her hair could use a little more toning and maybe a hair cut.
How her top makes her look a little slutty because her boobs are falling out.
How her skirt is too short and the possibility of her butt cheeks popping out are high.

Not only are we standing here glaring and thinking all these terrible things of each other.
We are sizing each other up. Comparing each body part, each make up technique and outfit to ourselves.
We are competing.
It was a competition in our heads from the moment we walked in.
Society has made us compete against each other instead of teaming together.

We won't smile at each other, because we don't trust each other.
Instead of coming together as a girl power group, we decide that not introducing each other and judging seems more natural.

I am not saying I am not guilty of this.
I am but I am trying to change this habit.

Years ago one of my best friends brought his girlfriend around.
I judged her and decided I was not going to like her.
She did nothing wrong to me. 
But I judged her and never gave her a chance.
Then one day, we both realized we HATED each other for NO REASON at all.
This girl is now one of my best friends and has been so incredible to me.
We joke about how we wasted so much time hating each other when we could have just loved each other.
We found we were incredibly similar and just complimented each other's energies. She is one of the most incredible souls in my life and she could have been sooner if I had given her a chance.

This past weekend I went on this fancy boat with all these gorgeous women.
Before getting on the boat I was anxious because of the Victoria Secret models I was about to place myself around. I felt myself judging my body, my bathing suit I chose, & how the sunblock made my face look all oily. Thinking how I am not going to look good enough around all of these babes.

Then it hit me.
I am a babe.
We all are babes!

I introduced myself to all the ladies.
& I smiled and realized we all are incredible.
We all kill it in the gym with our squat workouts.
We all try to find the smallest bathing suit bottom to show off our beautiful asses.
We are all the same. And we need to be there for each other.
I stopped judging them and myself. 

I think its time we stop.
We are all beautiful and we need to stop putting up this wall to the rest of the female population.
We all want to be friends.
As hippy as that sounds, why not?
Why can't we just empower each other?

The time is now. I am going to start. 
& I think we all should.