Friday, October 2, 2020

Radiating Being

It has been a heavy year, with so much change, shifts and grief being felt. Cycles have been ending and truths have been revealed. We are also noticing our behaviors, fears and habits that aren’t for our highest good. It’s been a continuous season letting go and releasing. I trimmed my branches from the root so that I may to grow even bigger. Releasing those branches with love, knowing it will allow me to become and expand fuller.

I’ve been hiding from all the socials for a while. Been busy feeling, processing and living my experience without sharing it to the inter webs. Except last week. Last week, I activated them to share and be vulnerable. To open up about something I felt called to do.

Last Friday I had my head shaved by one of my dad’s patients; standing in solidarity with children battling cancer. The ripple effect that occurred was quick! The wave of connections my story made with many others affirmed the passion I felt when I was led to this decision.

My father has treated so many children with cancer and blood disorders and I’ve witnessed their battles of the disease at such a young age. My entire upbringing was watching him be a hero saving lives.

When children and their parents receive the news of having being diagnosed with cancer, nothing from that point is their choice. They didn’t choose to be sick. They have to let go of all conceptions of their life before, so that they may give all their energy to overcoming. They have to fight a battle. They are warriors now trying to live a life that most take for granted.

Many of us don’t fully appreciate the choices in freedom we have. The choices in our health and taking care of our souls.

I had the ability to choose this and go forward to try to bring more awareness to cancer, hair and what it all means to me.

I made the decision two weeks before the event. Once I decided, I knew it had to be done. The anticipation during that time allowed me to feel more into it and to embrace my curls even MORE FULLY (which I didn’t know was even possible). Feeling the power my curls provided around my face and how much it had grown and formed through the seasons as I evolved. As a child I was fed the image of perfection and beauty as blonde straight hair, as most women are. I didn’t understand then that beauty existed in all forms. It took seasons to stop damaging my hair to let my curls form naturally. These past few years my curls have made me feel more me. Embracing how Lebanese they made me look, how much I resembled my mother, and the women before me.

As women, we have used hair to define us. It is something we have used to shield ourselves from the world. To feel beautiful, confident and strong. But what happens when we don’t have it any longer?

I cannot speak for all but letting go of my hair has shown me that I am able to embody my full being without the need of that shield. It feels natural when I look in the mirror. Seeing my truest self; looking back at me. The new experiences and sensations of wind, water and sun upon my crown are so stimulating. I feel liberated and free.

So I will leave you with this.
Continue to stand in your power.
Continue to claim your authentic self and radiate more in your being.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

pause for us all on routine existing

We are humans. We are flawed, restless and going so quickly.
We are being given a massive pause to look at ourselves.
To see what we are doing with our time and energy.
Our daily distractions and stimulations of routine are removed.
To comprehend more of the space we take up.
As a soul who has spent an immense amount of time alone, it’s not always easy.
Our habits become exemplified and our distractions increase.
Anything to not face what we have been avoiding doing.
It takes some time to hear our own voice again without the noise of the world.
Our fears, sadness and worries become consuming.
It becomes harder to recall what creates happiness.

Remembering the ways we enjoy connecting with our own happiness is a full discovery.
Unplug to know what truly feels right to you without other’s opinions and influences.
Creations wanting be made have the power to bloom.
Clean, organize and cleanse all you’ve been ignoring.
Unshackle guilt of finally putting value on what and who you actually care about.
Root in your space, knowing all you need is within you.

We can’t allow the daily massive swell of fear coming at us to wipe out our being.
We are ALL feeling the heaviness of uncertainty.
It’s an ebb and flow, moment to moment we are experiencing.
Presence has never felt more here than it does now.
It’s out of our hands.
Practice patience with yourself and those around you.
We will discover new ways of being.
We are being given permission to slow down, to go in.