Tuesday, March 17, 2020

pause for us all on routine existing

We are humans. We are flawed, restless and going so quickly.
We are being given a massive pause to look at ourselves.
To see what we are doing with our time and energy.
Our daily distractions and stimulations of routine are removed.
To comprehend more of the space we take up.
As a soul who has spent an immense amount of time alone, it’s not always easy.
Our habits become exemplified and our distractions increase.
Anything to not face what we have been avoiding doing.
It takes some time to hear our own voice again without the noise of the world.
Our fears, sadness and worries become consuming.
It becomes harder to recall what creates happiness.

Remembering the ways we enjoy connecting with our own happiness is a full discovery.
Unplug to know what truly feels right to you without other’s opinions and influences.
Creations wanting be made have the power to bloom.
Clean, organize and cleanse all you’ve been ignoring.
Unshackle guilt of finally putting value on what and who you actually care about.
Root in your space, knowing all you need is within you.

We can’t allow the daily massive swell of fear coming at us to wipe out our being.
We are ALL feeling the heaviness of uncertainty.
It’s an ebb and flow, moment to moment we are experiencing.
Presence has never felt more here than it does now.
It’s out of our hands.
Practice patience with yourself and those around you.
We will discover new ways of being.
We are being given permission to slow down, to go in.