Monday, May 25, 2015

We are creatures of habit.
At times we need to break that habit.
Get taken completely out of our comfort zone.
Change our time zone.
Surround ourselves by a language that is not our own.
We will be frightened and nervous.
But man will we grow.

Currently sitting in Qatar waiting for the transfer flight to Beirut.
We are delirious and I honestly can't even tell you what day it is.
But I do know one thing..
Our adventure has begun.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Going after my dreams

I'm about to go on a big adventure.

A few months ago I felt this strong pull. Nostalgic memories, pictures appearing on social media, and dreams about the homeland kept emerging. I applied to internships to work with Lebanese designers. & I got it.

My internship is with Georges Hobeika in Beirut, Lebanon this summer. Not only will I be interning but I will also be traveling all over the country absorbing every aspect of the middle east. With my mother by my side, her and I will be back in Lebanon together. Five years ago, we journeyed together home and now we go together again.