Monday, July 31, 2017

your body & mind are in need of recovery

I rarely say no to plans. I overextend myself often and feel exhausted each week. With a 9-5 job and a commitment to workout daily, my days are long and full. I become a weekend warrior and typically have after work activities planned, so that I am maximizing my every waking hour.
My body has been drained and hit empty this week. My immune system lowered and a bad virus plagued me for days. Sometimes your body just needs you to stop and do nothing, to feel the freedom of your mind resting. It's as if your body is sending you to detention, to sit and focus on being sedentary.

To wear your pajamas all day and watch a Star Wars marathon without moving from the couch. Listening to your body for what it needs to feel better. Giving your body hot soup to soothe your throat.

You are always on the go and sometimes you overwork yourself to exhaustion. Your body gives you signs by slowing you down and decreasing your energy. Mostly we ignore it and continue on with plans.

Your body and mind are in need of recovery. I called in sick from work and was now able to relax without worrying, planning, moving or grooving. I could just be still and care for myself.

Give your body the long Epsom bath it craves. Allow the movie marathon to commence. Put on your comfiest pajamas and socks. Provide your body with tea, soup and rest. Let your mind run free as your body manages to recover.

Its okay to say no to plans. Exhaustion and stress take a toll on you when you overextend yourself. Be aware of the signs your body is sending you. Provide yourself the time you need to recover. Clear your mind and give yourself love.

Monday, July 10, 2017

honeymoon with myself & ready for 27

I feel as if I am on a honeymoon with myself. All my beach plans fell through, but I promised my body the touch and the embrace of the salt water. So I drove to Captiva with all my windows down and the music playing loudly over the sound of the wind rushing through.
Set up my towel and went for a swim in the smallest bathing suit bottoms I’ve ever worn. As I swam my butt cheeks felt the slow toasting of the sun that it had never experienced before. My shoulders could feel the warmth of the rays. I swam farther towards the open water, I felt confident and happy.
Here I am at 27 and the best version of myself. Happiest and most comfortable I have ever been with who I am.
Single currently, but also not dwelling on that fact. This time I am being given is for me to fully fall in love with who I am. We are all so frightened to do things on our own and sit with our thoughts. Over the past year I have learned to cherish the time I spend alone to recharge and ground myself in life. Life is constantly happening quickly around us, and at times we need to take a moment to fully be present and appreciate where you currently stand.
Ignoring the social timeline and the expectations of where I “should” be at this age, because I have full faith that all great things in life will happen for me at the exact right time.
This year has been constant exploration, and this following year will continue. Slowly finding my passions, one curiosity at a time. Gradually stepping out of my comfort zone and releasing fear and self-doubt. I am able to stand boldly and now know not to play small any longer.
I am surrounded by so much love constantly. At times I don’t really realize the amount that surrounds me. Birthdays are always a reminder of all those you love reaching out and wanting to celebrate with you. The feeling I feel on my birthday where my heart is over flowing with love is the feeling I want to feel every day. That feeling is present with us all the time; it does not need to happen yearly but in each moment. Those around you want to celebrate life and be with you exactly as you are. You are loved exactly as you are. 
All of my friends are supportive and incredible. They make sure that I never feel lonely or struggle with a bad day. I have family that loves me regardless of how quirky, different and most of the times outlandish I am. Parents who support all my passionate ideas, even if they don’t agree because they can always see the fire in my eyes to succeed and create. Love can transform you. Surround yourself by nothing but love and you will feel like Christmas morning all the time. 
As I lay on my towel under the hot sun, I feel the strongest and happiest I have ever felt. I can feel my skin radiating with the happiness that has always been inside of me. Its as if I am finally able to see myself for who I was always capable of being. I can see myself for who I truly am.
Here I am on what seems to be my honeymoon with myself on my secluded beach, taking in all that this moment is providing. Allowing inspiration to come to me. Feeling empowered, positively happy & exactly where I need to be.
Plans changed from the expected, but I didn’t allow that to stop me from listening to what my body craved.

So 27, I feel ready for you! I am ready to live life to the fullest because I am exactly who I was always meant to be.