Monday, July 31, 2017

your body & mind are in need of recovery

I rarely say no to plans. I overextend myself often and feel exhausted each week. With a 9-5 job and a commitment to workout daily, my days are long and full. I become a weekend warrior and typically have after work activities planned, so that I am maximizing my every waking hour.
My body has been drained and hit empty this week. My immune system lowered and a bad virus plagued me for days. Sometimes your body just needs you to stop and do nothing, to feel the freedom of your mind resting. It's as if your body is sending you to detention, to sit and focus on being sedentary.

To wear your pajamas all day and watch a Star Wars marathon without moving from the couch. Listening to your body for what it needs to feel better. Giving your body hot soup to soothe your throat.

You are always on the go and sometimes you overwork yourself to exhaustion. Your body gives you signs by slowing you down and decreasing your energy. Mostly we ignore it and continue on with plans.

Your body and mind are in need of recovery. I called in sick from work and was now able to relax without worrying, planning, moving or grooving. I could just be still and care for myself.

Give your body the long Epsom bath it craves. Allow the movie marathon to commence. Put on your comfiest pajamas and socks. Provide your body with tea, soup and rest. Let your mind run free as your body manages to recover.

Its okay to say no to plans. Exhaustion and stress take a toll on you when you overextend yourself. Be aware of the signs your body is sending you. Provide yourself the time you need to recover. Clear your mind and give yourself love.