Wednesday, December 26, 2018

year of discovery | new year upon us

This year has been a year of discovery. I realized that I haven’t wanted to share as much because I am realizing things on my own that I am not fully ready to express yet.
My writing has become my solace in my journal. My creations and my art are therapy for my being. I feel connected to myself even more when I take time away from my computer and phone. I’m giving myself time. For feeling emotions, being in my body & dreaming with eyes wide open.
I am learning to speak my truth and value myself in ways I never knew.
This year has taught me SO damn much.
Maybe one day I will tell you all about it.
It just doesn’t feel right for me to share yet.
Each person is different. Which means each discovery of self is different.
It is not linear. It is a journey.
The timing is their own.
It is no race. No rush. There doesn’t need to be force either.
But it is work towards your happiness. For your dreams and goals.
To release blocks within yourself that have kept you from FULLY loving.
From FULLY believing.
Becoming aware of habits and narratives that need change.
You have the capability to create your life.
Embrace each moment.
Especially during this week before the new year.
Take time to evaluate the growth this past year has provided you.
The learnings that have occurred throughout it.
Accept it. Accept all of it.
Forgive those that have hurt you.
Forgive yourself for mistakes or wrong turns you have made.
All of them. Every one. Led you here.
To this moment in your body approaching a brand new year.
Accept the past.
Accept the present.
Focus on what you want this new year to provide you.
Get clear. Connect with yourself to know the next steps to take.
No one knows.
Only you.
I’m not hiding from the world.
I’m just being part of it more.
May I continue to be filled with love & happiness.
May I continue to be guided & trust my intuition.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Paris is not just for lovers | Together in Paris

I ended up staying in Paris for about a month, and was able to immerse myself fully into the heart of the city. Staying with someone who’s heart beats for me. She wanted me to see and experience all the things I love and could love.
Food from the earth, fish from the sea, freshest of flavors being combined for what my mouth has never experienced. Kendall guided my tastebuds to be able to feel happiness through my belly and into my entire body. For her culinary creations is her art. 
She appreciates art in all forms and supports creation. Picking out ingredients in the market to create her masterpiece, seeing her eyes bolt from one ingredient to another as she sees all that she wants to add together. Watching her touch and smell to see what would work all together. Saying it all out loud to entice and excite.
Paris is not JUST for lovers. 
It is for that & so much more. 
Paris is for cosmic connections, orgasmic food & universal signs. 

Finding people you connect with that you never expected to meet. 

Spending time with your friends in a deep present way. 

It’s for solitude and learning to love yourself. 
It’s for enjoying life fully and appreciating each moment you have. 
The French sit by the Seine sipping in their evenings with friends. 
They appreciate their time and connections they have.

It’s the city of art and artists. Kendall’s friend came to visit her and arrived on my birthday. An artist, an empath and soon to realize once meeting destined friend. We had journeys that led us to be in Paris.
Artists wanting to discover more. We went to all the museums our heart desired to have our eyes stimulated with inspiration. Seeing art from all the masters who came to Paris to discover who they are. They painted this city to depict the way they saw and felt it. A place full of inspiration and creation, for me to discover who I am even more. Creating what I see and feel.
We three have an artistic understanding of the other. 
Our art forms may not be the same but we appreciate seeing what the other likes.
I am meant to be here at this time with these two women. We have brought clarity to each other. Through tea sipping passionate rants, underwear dance parties, roaming art museums, and praising BeyoncĂ©. We explored the city, tasting, hearing & seeing what this moment here is trying to show us. 

All the amazing coincidences in our lives lead us to where we are now. 
Together in Paris.
We brought clarity to one another. 
We understood the passion and love felt. 
We recognized each other’s pain and transformations of self. 
Appreciating each variation of art we form individually. 
 Revelatory connections with artists who want to express in food, art, clothing & life.
There was another friend who relocated her life to the city from home. My moon sister who had moved to Paris with her love. I got to witness her in a new element; in love and happy. Her joy to be in a new world, embracing and learning from it all.
Hearing about her journey from when we last saw each. Years ago, we were sitting on Sanibel watching the sunset. We never expected that when we reunited together, we would be celebrating each other’s birthdays and doing yoga in Luxembourg Garden. 
Old friends, new friends, and all the growth of being together. 
There was many cosmic signs and moments. 
Everything flowed. 
Just as the water in the Seine, 
Paris is always dancing.
Au revoir

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

digesting all the experiences | trusting in each day

I am lucky, insanely lucky & loved. I couldn’t have traveled all that I did for as long as I did if it wasn’t for those who housed, fed, and loved me for the past three months. I am back stateside but I’ve spent time digesting all that my body and soul have gone through across the 4 countries in 80 days.
There were no prior plans. All that was known was Paris. Intuition and love led me to the next locations. Buying a one way ticket is pretty wild. Trusting in my gut to make such a large leap. It can be very unsettling, not having certainty if I made the right decision at times. Those moments didn’t last too long. Guidance appears to reveal what I need to experience. Being fully present to feel the direction, I was witnessing fully what I am meant to see.
Traveling can show you yourself in all those around you. The world mirrors you in the connections, situations and hearts you touch. It removes you from your routine, your surroundings and those you know. To reveal to you what you may not have been aware of to grow in completely different ways. The world is large, we are all entities experiencing life in the way we feel suited for us.
Traveling can leave you uncomfortable at times. I learned how to be okay with the uncertainty of my days. Being in a new place of lifestyles that you don’t understand. It can render you speechless and overwhelmed. You absorb all that is around, taking in all that your eyes can. Learning from all the people you see and come in contact with. Admiring different ways of living that you haven’t been able to witness Devouring all the different and the new. Listening to your body when there is too much stimulation. Taking in each day as it presented itself.

We have no idea where we are going. Or where we will go. 
I just trust. Trust in each day and all that it provides me.