Saturday, June 27, 2015

art of couture

My internship is completed.
I have seen the world of couture from the beginning to end with Georges Hobeika.

His designs are spectacular, impressive and incredibly detailed. All the magic happens in the basement underneath his store in Beirut. That is where I spent the past four weeks.

I sewed by hand until my pointer fingers became numb from the amount of times I pricked myself. My fingers bled and my back hurt from the amount of sewing but it was an astonishing learning experience.

I saw first hand the creation process of couture gowns. The patience required to create these masterpieces. My appreciation for couture gowns has improved immensely. When I see the gowns featured in Paris in a week I will know the amount of people and time it took to create it. I will know the skill and patience needed from the beginning with the constructing of the pattern pieces, to the time it took to string all of the beads, crystals and sequins onto a string to be later stitched BY HAND into the garment, the amount of skill it took to sew the product together to perfection. 

I am so grateful to have been a part of the process of these couture gowns.

I have learned a great deal. My sewing confidence has excelled, and I am ready to start creating when I return home.