Saturday, June 23, 2018

true & real connection with women | it's a vibe

Becoming myself and being able to feel this confident in my skin has made me value myself in an entirely different way. Time is precious and appreciated.
I am connecting with people in a different way than I have ever before. The connections and time spent seem more meaningful. Being more present, to be able to fully emerge in all relationships.
We are vibing together now. It is no longer just interacting and seeing what happens. My time is valuable. Once I started to love myself I realized that I didn’t want to spend any of my energy on people that will not bring me to my happiest self. The people I want to surround myself with are the ones I am constantly giving my energy to. I’m working on relationship boundaries and giving love, timer & energy to those I truly want to.
The women that have come into my life are strong. It shows in their confidence to be who they are. To rise from life’s struggles and make the most of what they have been given. They show me parts about myself that I fear showing, for they hold them with pride to let all see. Which in turn allows me to shine those hidden parts. They give me the strength to be who I am even more.
We learn from each other. We teach and show our crafts, interests and likes. Our interests aren’t all the same but we want to hear what the other is passionate about and feel their experiences with them.
The people in my life are all here for a reason. I no longer put energy into things that I don’t feel good about anymore. I put energy towards connections that feed my soul. The connections where we are growing, and we grow together. To watch each other flourish and become the person we were always meant to be.
Those are the people you want to surround yourself with. The ones that support you. Who look at you with eyes full of love wanting the very best for you.
I don’t have an intimate relationship with a man right now. But the women I have surrounded myself with have shown me how deeply they love. That love can exude from us all. We have the capacity to love fully and with our whole self. Love does not have to only come from a significant other.
It’s within you. It’s around you. 
At times you may not be able to see it. 
Be open to feeling it. 
For a bond between people riding the same wave length can be felt. It is exciting and refreshing to know that you have found those that like all the same weird shit you do. Spend time with the friends in your life that make you feel something. 

& be present with them to vibe together.