Thursday, June 21, 2018

being curious, childlike & challenging ourselves | West Coast

A friendship born from a mutual friend. Strengthened over time with love, and the passion to grow. We discovered yoga at different times. Began going to classes together and growing in our own ways through it. When we moved from each other, we grew from different experiences. Our friendship remained and grew as we would travel to meet.
Doing yoga wherever we are. Flowing in all the locations we are in together. Be it in Chicago in winter wrapped in layers of clothes walking to find some heat in a studio to flow in. Or in Miami making room in our hotel room to just flow in front of one another. We made it work, from coast to coast. Both teachers but always a student, dedicating so much of our time to our practice.
My trip to California was to be inspired. 

To experience. To be. To move. To feel. 

We moved. We walked 55 miles. Most walking, biking, hiking and yoga my body has ever done. Seeing my body’s potential & realizing my strength by seeing how my body can be pushed to its very limits.

We did yoga in her home, on the beach, and in studios. We have watched the other progress over time. How yoga has strengthened and also comforted our body and soul. Going to studios in California, I was able to experience yoga with people who LOVE yoga. Dedicated California yogis who were born doing this.
Opening our hips to the left towards Malibu. The sunlight shining down through the sun roof giving the room light to flow. “Lebanese Blonde” came on and I flowed with the satyr allowing my mind let go of grip and control. Being aware of where my body was.
Where it is now and in each moment. 
& feeling into all parts of me.
Seeing how much growth I can have in my own practice and as a teacher. It’s a physical practice I get to check in with myself to see how I feel and watch my progression over time
Pushing my yoga and my limits with the intense practice. Putting my body into positions it never knew possible. Watching my practice and me grow as I was challenged. I enjoy being challenged. To see how I can push myself to grow even further. To be in my body and see that it can do more than I knew. Limitations in my mind about myself, my body, and my growth slowly become released with each practice. For the fearful thoughts start to wash away when I see what I can be capable of.
Yoga gives you the playfulness of just seeing where your body can take you.
Watching yourself progress by playing. It allows the creativity to flow through us. A child like nature of play. Moving, feeling & being. 
We do yoga, we meditate, we nurture, we heal, we nourish. 

Each morning we waited for coffee as we sat and connected. Being here. Enjoying the process. We had slow mornings with acai bowls and great conversation. We were truly with each other. Riding bikes to yoga and on the beach. Watching sunsets every day we could. Hearing the waves rolling in, feeling the breeze against our faces & watching as the sky’s colors slowly changed over time.
We were present together. Our yoga, our words, our actions all intentional. Feeling so much gratitude for evolution of who we have become and where our lives have led us.
We watched as the dolphins surfed the waves as the sun began to dip down. A whole group of them jumping through and riding the waves. Being childlike & seeing where their bodies took them.
Be child-like in your life. Be curious. Exploring places around you, yourself, your life, your inner depths. 
Even though you may fall down, you’ll have the courage to stand up & try again. 
Life isn’t perfect. You’ll stumble along the way. You must push yourself.
Be present for all of it. Feel your body changing, being pushed, & transforming.
Always remain curious, challenge yourself & have a childlike mindset.