Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You are allowed to change.

You are ALLOWED to change.
Regardless of what society or others have forced you to think, you can change your mind.

You can decide on an entirely different path than the one you thought you were meant to take.  
Changing how you feel, or who you are is entirely acceptable. We are not meant to stay the same.
Changing and becoming someone different is the plan.
It is how life should be lived.
Changing is evolving into the person you are meant to be.

So follow the drifts in the current, they are guiding you.
The universe is trying to tell you to go to the next step.
Listen to the change of tune.
Realize the universe is sending you signs.

The belief that you do not deserve better is what holds you in this complacent unchangeable world.
Out of fear, you compromise which in turn will not allow you to go to the following chapter.

You can NOT compromise or settle.
It’s just a matter of listening to your instinct.
& deciding that YOUR happiness matters.
We will change. We are not meant to stay the same.