Monday, February 6, 2017

adventure is out there!

We need to keep the adventure soul alive. Sometimes we forget that there is a wanderer inside all of us. We go on with our days in a ritualistic way forgetting the journeys that can be had. It is not about where you live or the job you have that will limit the wanderer within you, it’s your lack of curiosity and drive. You must keep the curiosity alive; you must allow your inner child to remain active.

Whatever sparks interest within you, dive in and learn more. The greatest discoveries all were created from a flicker of curiosity.

Find inspiration in every day moments that can ignite the exploration. Finding beauty in your days will allow you to be grateful for each one you are given.

You don’t need to travel far to explore. Destinations are everywhere. Just go explore areas you’ve never seen. It’s about who you are with and the journey you take together, not so much about the actual location.

Spontaneous adventures with good friends can lead to pure bliss. So plan a day with your crew. Go to locations you have not seen in years with fresh eyes. Be outdoors and appreciate what this earth has to show us. Look up as the sun dances through the trees trying to illuminate the forest.

Be present. You are surrounded by so much life around you. Appreciate all the shades of green and shapes of leaves around you. Be thankful for your companions on this crazy journey we call life.  

Life is art and you need to appreciate the masterpiece that is illustrated in front of us.

Each day is beautiful. Each day calls for adventures.
So go outside, explore where your heart guides you.