Wednesday, December 7, 2016

social media detox

I just completed a week long social media detox.
(No Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.)
Holy shit was that difficult !
But oh boy was it beneficial !
My fingers scrolled to the folder on my phone without even a thought multiple times in the day. So I had to delete the apps entirely to not give myself the temptation. Scrolling through social media has become habitual and the motion of opening the apps to dive in is engraved in us all.
We grab our phone in any setting to just scroll through, from sitting in traffic to sitting at a table with group of friends.
It bothers me how much time we spend looking through a device and focusing all our time on other people’s lives. We need to be with the people we make plans with. Be conscious of the adventure we are on! 
I challenged myself and a friend to a one week social media detox. 
I wanted to stop looking at everyone’s life so I could focus on my own personal life and what was happening right in front of me. 
I wanted to be more present with life and more present with the people I am with.
To be fully aware of where I was and be engulfed in the moment.
We scroll
& scroll.
Looking, judging, comparing and overall sometimes just obsessing over everyone else and the life they are portraying for us to see.
I didn’t look at who is attending what event, I didn’t see your #tbt or your dog picture on Snapchat. I was living my life.
I became more aware and more present.
When I am with my friends, I am actively listening to what they have to say, feeling the words they are sharing with me, and consumed by our time together. 
We have an awful habit of not listening and not being active in a conversation because of how focused we are on our phones.
I am not saying I am off social media forever!  
A break was just necessary for me. It was a challenge but it also has allowed me to refocus my attention on what I need. It also made me appreciate the people I call friends!
Try it out! Maybe for a week, maybe even just a day.
See how much clearer your mind becomes.

Watch how much you appreciate the life you are living in the moment.