Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 the year of happiness & following your gut

The girl I was a year ago is an entirely different person than who I am right now.
I didn’t know it then but I was allowed to be happy. For some reason I had dug myself into a deep hole that I could not climb out of. I felt lost and confused in the darkness because I had no connection to myself. Constantly pretending to be a person I wasn’t for those around me, and truly losing myself in the process.
It all began with me deciding to just listen to my intuition and it has gotten me to this point.
A point where I feel like I am in the light all the time with moments of dark clouds. But now I know how to handle those grey moments and move past it. I feel my emotions through to my core and I can express myself more authentically than ever. I find myself speaking from my heart and not holding things back anymore. Just being real in communication and in the way I am living my life has transformed me in a way I never thought it could.
I am constantly being guided to the next step. The more grounded I am in the present moment, the more I can see the next move to make and go from there. I can feel when my gut is opposed to the idea and take another path.
It began small. It began with me deciding my voice and how I felt mattered more to me than the people I was putting before me. I realized I mattered. All the years of being told I did not matter and that I deserved to be sad finally was released. I didn’t feel the handcuffs holding me back from true happiness.
Because we all deserve that happiness.
As I sit here and reflect on this past year.
I realized I stuck with almost all my resolutions. I kept progressing forward regardless of the obstacles that stood in my way. The more I worked on bettering myself spiritually, mentally and physically the happier I became. We are constantly evolving; we might as well evolve into better versions of ourselves.
Allowing doubts and fears to wash away and not create walls to stop me was a complicated task. With perseverance and faith in myself I know I could do it.
As you sit and reflect on your 2016 and think of the new year, reflect on what progress you want to make this following year from all that you’ve learned this year.
I think the biggest take away I got from this year which I felt like way an entire year dedicated to my happiness was trust your gut and go where it leads you.

Cheers 2016 you showed me my true potential and how I can be a ball of radiating light always.