Wednesday, September 28, 2016

traveling makes you feel small in the best kind of way

When traveling you realize how small you really are. The world out there is gigantic and sometimes we forget when we are caught in our routine in our own city. We have a tendency to forget the magnitude of the world that is out there ready for us to explore.
I strolled through the busiest metropolitan streets of Beirut alone; taking in the graffiti walls, the architecture of the buildings that have been able to withstand destruction, the local shops selling the brightest colored groceries, and the sounds of an active city.
I sat outside at local coffee shops, peering at the commuters in a rush to get to their destination. What a multicultural street I had the luxury of sitting at, with so much diversity, and people speaking in Arabic, French and English fluently.  The streets were always packed with locals, tourists, students, cars, scooters and motorcycles. Beirut is always alive and vigorous.
I was lucky enough to make two separate trips up the mountains this past weekend. As we drove up the curvy narrow streets, the view as we elevated became grander and greener. Stacks of mountains with the sea at the horizon was the view I got for hours as we continued to the very top. The air became chillier and cleaner as we continued up.
From roaming the busy streets of a city I do not live in, to standing at the foot of a massive cedar forest, I realized how very small I truly felt. As my feet were planted into the ground, I inhaled the cleanest air provided by these cedar trees, I peered up at the sun shining through the canopies, I then fully understood.
I am exactly where I need to be and I am experiencing exactly what I am meant to experience. We may be small, and the world may be larger than we can comprehend but life will take us to the exact places we are meant to see.
As I placed my hand on a tree that has seen countless sunrises, sunsets, war and love; I knew I was on the right path.