Monday, September 19, 2016

every moment can be celebrated

How is Lebanon?

Lebanon is delicious !!!
A country that has by far the most astonishing cuisine, with their robust aromas and hearty flavors. The food uses everything the land provides in the season. They never lack seasonings, herbs or flavor. 
Every meal is satisfying and fulfilling. 
And each meal follows yet another meal.
Once the meal is over, then the fruit, tea and coffee portion of the day begins. Afterwards is dessert. Food here is a constant parade. Meals are a party and a celebration of life.
The days are scheduled around the feasting times.
Lunch is typically the biggest meal of the day.
There is never one dish. It is always magnitudes of plates, and bowls filled with fresh vegetables, sauces, seasonings, herbs and more.
No meal is simple.
Every meal is a compilation of tastes. Sweet, savory, bitter, and salty to create the most incredible sensations in your mouth and in your stomach.
The colors are bright and vibrant. The aromas flood the homes and the gardens. And the taste, oh the taste is incomparable to any cuisine.
Everything is a celebration.
When it comes to arriving in the country where the entire plane applauds as you land.
When it comes to seeing a family member fly from the states to see you.
When it comes to your soccer team winning the game.
Every single moment in Lebanon is appreciated and celebrated.
Meals are treasured occurrences, with love put into the preparation for the grinning faces that surround the table.
The Lebanese love to feed and love to share.
When it comes to food and when it comes to moments spent together, the Lebanese enjoy the experience with each other.
As the plane ascended into Beirut and touched the ground, the entire plane applauded and cheered.  No arrival into a country is received with an applause, only in Lebanon have I witnessed this endless times.
The Lebanese know war, and they know sadness. So when positive moments happen they cant help but be happy and grateful.
They appreciate all the moments.
It is through the moments of sadness that we can overcome and focus on the greater moments of love.
Take the time to appreciate meals together surrounded by loved ones.
Because every meal is a celebration of life.