Monday, September 5, 2016

following my intuition across the world

I have been following my gut feeling a lot lately. But it took me ignoring it so many times to realize I was in the completely wrong place, I was unhappy and unsure of the person I saw in the mirror reflected back at me. Your gut gives you small signs, synchronicities in life, and pushes from the outside world to show you the next step. If you ignore it, you might find yourself completely lost and miserable.
Since trusting my gut fully, I have been nothing but constantly happy. I feel like I am finally being true to myself.  By no longer pretending to be someone I am not, I have dove head first into my truest form. I am told that my face is glowing and that I am radiating by all my close friends, and I wake up every single day so happy and excited for what it is to come.

All of this was possible by following my intuition & seeing where it takes me.

Last year I felt incredibly disconnected from myself. Unhappy and uncertain of every move I was making in life. I felt this pull deep within me. It was this fire in my gut telling me to return to my homeland. With ease I found an internship there and asked my mom to join me across the world.
It was one of the greatest adventures I have gone on. My mother and I grew closer than ever before. And together we explored our country, eating our way through most of it.
I feel that pull again, deep within me letting me know its time once again to return, but for this time to be a solo adventure. I need to break out of my routine, and step out of my comfort zone. I have been talking about it for months as if it was going to happen regardless of purchasing my ticket yet. I believed that the more I talk about a dream, the more real it becomes. When I finally went to purchase the ticket, it was the cheapest it had ever been. The signs were informing me that there is no reason to not go. This would be a journey to immerge myself in my culture and in the Mediterranean Sea. To be inspired and taught by the people, the country and the spirit of the Middle East.This gut feeling doesn’t just happen. This feeling is supposed to be followed because there is a plan for me, a plan that will allow me to flourish and grow.

This is a journey of freedom and to fall in love with myself in my purest form. For the next two months as I adventure alone, I have to decided to not wear any makeup. I want to allow my face to shine from within without the assistance of makeup. I want to fall in love with all my imperfections and flaws. I don’t want to cover up my face or who I am. It wont be easy, but it’s all part of the process.
So here I go, following my intuition on a two month adventure to the Middle East. I will be going to Lebanon and Dubai, and documenting the entire adventure.

Listen to your gut. It may make you the happiest you have ever been before.