Friday, December 11, 2015

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"

As Mahatma Gandhi said "you must be the change you want to see in the world". How do we take yoga from the mat into our daily lives...
Yoga. A word we all think we know but don't realize the magnitude of what it actually is. Yoga to many is a class at their local gym that they ended up in for a deep stretch or to become more flexible. Yoga is so much more than just an hour class you end up dragging yourself into because you heard its the latest fad to try out. 
Yoga is a path. A path we are all on to find our highest selves. We are given the tools through yoga to move from a lower mind set to our highest self. The key is to want it. Want to change to your best version of yourself. And when you are the best version of yourself, you spread your light to those around you. Thus changing the world slowly. When you are at your highest self you are thus shining your light, and everyone will want to join in on the sunshine.
Yoga is far more than the moves (asanas). It is a magnitude of so much more. It includes an individual code or blueprint of behavior with the universe, a commitment to ourselves to understand and approach life, the practice of physical postures, the awareness of the world around us as well as ourselves, and the breath.
When you are a yogi, you not only embody the practice of the physical but fully embrace the yoga ethics that come with us off our mat into our daily lives. Yogis base their lives off of two pillars, the Yamas and the Niyamas. The Yamas are the unwritten contract with the universe, and the Niyamas are the commitment to ourselves. And when we develop both, they help us in our interactions in the world. All obstacles and moments in life allow us to live and practice the Yamas and Niyamas. Yoga is more than handstands, it is your interactions with the universe and yourself making it the essence of daily life. 
With yoga we are more aware, and can be aware of our thoughts that do not align with our beliefs. With that awareness we can better see when the ego has taken reigns and projected a false story for you to believe, and you can surrender once knowing the false projections are exactly that false. Yoga is where all those crazy stories come to rest. When we surrender the ego's projections we also surrender the outcomes we are trying to control. With that surrender we are more aware of the present moment and then allowing us to make the most of the now. When we are physically and mentally in the moment, we are aware of everything. Aware of our thoughts, our senses, our feelings, our actions, our breath; aware of the moment entirely. We act based upon being aware instead of acting on ego's projections. By being in the moment we cherish each moment that we are in, we obtain a higher sense of gratitude. With a higher sense of gratitude we also allow expectations to melt away. We surrender that control and have trust in the universe. You begin to do things from the heart and share with others your gains. 
You as a yogi are a healer. With yoga you can heal others with your words, your asanas and your energy. Yoga doesn't take place on just the mat, you have the beliefs follow you in your everyday. You are more aware, more present and more compassionate. With that compassion you can understand those around you and help them. 
By being a positive light, you will shine and that light is contagious. A yogi is constantly changing, constantly learning and constantly evolving. We are all trying to work towards our greatest and highest self. So by changing within ourselves, we remove those blocks that are disabling us to our highest power. The highest power of love. We live based on love and not fear. When we continue to see our lives with loving and accepting eyes, we inspire those around us. 
To be the change, we must change. Continue shining, because being in the light is contagious. The world will want to know the secrets of the yogi.