Monday, November 30, 2015

A place where nature is preserved & appreciated

I have been back home about two weeks but I left a part of me in Costa Rica, and pieces of my heart with my goddesses.

A location where my surroundings fed my soul and a group of women that loved me with all their being, a place of comfort, a place of natural beauty and a place of pure love.
Every shade of green
All different shapes of leaves
All sizes of trees
Flowers canopy the walkways
All different shades of pink, orange, yellow, purple and blue in a magnitude of shapes

Running water crushing the rocks
Where the mere sight just cools you
The cool moist air making everything constantly damp and calm
Butterflies roaming free

Humming birds prancing through the sky from flower to flower
Was I in a scene of a fairytale?
No it was all real!
A place where nature is preserved and appreciated
Where the sounds of nature can harmoniously create a symphony.
They begin every morning with their song
Each bird singing their song
Each chicken rising up from their sleep, rustling their feathers and letting out their morning call
The cows and horses awakening and chiming in with their deep noises
The trees waking up, swaying with the wind to greet you good morning

And the sound of the rushing spring added a consistent soothing noise to the serenade of the rainforest