Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ride the wave

After my yoga teaching training, I started to realize yoga is a part of so many activities and every day movements.
Beginning with the way you walk.
Engaging your core.
Being aware of your movement.
Conscious of your breath.
Mindful of your posture.
Alert of each step you take.
If you bring the yoga mindset into something as simple as walking, the mundane activity of walking to your car can become a divine saunter to your vehicle instead.
Yoga and surfing are more interwoven then you think.
Not only can our bodies make the sounds of the ocean with our Ujjayi breath
But surfing itself is comprised of yoga poses
Your core strength and mind set is very yoga related as well.
I was told by a wise surfer that when you are out in the water, feel the energy of the ocean beneath you.
And I did just that.
Yoga and surf go hand in hand.
With the power of your yoga practice, your strength in surfing will be enhanced.
Focusing on your breathing and energy from your body interconnecting with the energy of the ocean and mother nature.
Realizing that if you are too much in your head you waste time catching the wave.
Laying there on my board and feeling the power of the water speaking to me with each movement beneath my body.
I paused to take in the view.
Looking at my beautiful surrounding.
The water with all its surfer inhabitants.
The land with all its foliage.
And me on my board.
Ready to catch the next wave.
The high you feel from riding it,
is a high that is unexplainable.
Every surfer feels it.
And that is why every one goes back time & time again.
That is why after each fall, each wave, we paddle back out.
The intensity of mother earth carrying you,
you become almost addicted to that connection.
I’ve surfed a few times. Or shall I saw I have attempted a few times.
But it wasn’t until this time I understood.
I understood why every surfer loves it so much,
I felt it,
I understand now.
& trust me, I want to feel it time and time again
So lets take surfing into our lives
If you over stress or over think, you will miss the waves of life
Be present

& ride the wave