Thursday, March 22, 2018

When do you feel the most alive & existing?

I quit my fashion corporate job. Ending a chapter that I have been writing for some time. It wasn’t the experience I dreamed of, but it taught me.

It surrounded be my women for me to learn from.

I was able to connect with women of all ages from all over the world, and they came to my hometown. I was able to hear their stories, and experience how they came to be here. You are at work more than you are home through the week. Some days aren’t as bright as others. I wanted to know when they felt their best. & learn about when they feel their happiest and truest self.

I asked each women that I connected with… 

When do you feel the most alive & existing? 

Every experience provides you with opportunities to learn and grow. They may not be right in front of you, but take the time to fully understand people that are around you.

Because we are all different. We need to see each other for who we are. 
With no judgement and hear one another to better understand. 

I have many moments where I feel alive & existing, and I am constantly exploring new ones. I am following the direction I am meant to go in. For me that’s feeling more alive and l I don’t know exactly where that’s going to lead me but I know I’ll be aware of how I feel to guide me.

Realizing when I feel the most alive & existing and doing more of it.