Sunday, January 14, 2018

releasing habits in the new year to become your happiest self

New years have been pivotal moments in my life. I decide to quit habits that are not conducive to bettering me. Sometimes they are goals I set on new years day and it becomes a new way of living after enough time has passed. They don’t need to be considered a new year’s resolution. They can be set at any time because each new day poses as a new start.
When something becomes a habit, it is difficult to let go of. Habits range from nail biting to remaining in unfulfilling jobs. They are routines or behaviors we become accustomed to, such as repeating fearful stories to ourselves, a drinking habit or continuing in toxic relationships
Ending a part of your every day routine causes a shift. When you or others repeat words of doubt or negative stories they become part of your thoughts and you begin to believe it. Changing a habit or a lifestyle can be chosen or at times sprung upon you. Regardless of the way it occurs, it affects you. It is not easy! But these shifts become transformations of growth. By shifting to a new way, you are challenging yourself with new circumstances. You start discovering more about who you are and your capabilities.
Your current state is not your final self. Your mindset is always changing. You will not want to be around the situations or people you may be around now.

& it will be entirely okay. You can change. You are meant to.

I create big shifts, which in turn causes great transformations.
It begun when I realized I deserved better. I wanted to be my best & happiest self. Which involved trimming all the dead ends in my life from ways of thinking to habits that no longer made me feel happy.

I decided to start living my life for me. The relationship I needed to focus on was the one I had with myself, because that will be the one that remains forever. I needed time to heal. I quit beating myself up with negative stories of self-doubt and failure that had been engrained into me. I let go of a drinking habit. I ended toxic relationships. I removed processed sugar, meat and dairy out of my diet. I quit thinking of my self-worth so minimally.
I was finally able to give myself time. Time to discover me. Learning more of what lights my soul on fire. Being fully aware of the shift in emotions that occur and how much more alive I feel. This power, this strength, this is me. It’s always been inside me and now I’m letting it fully out.

My life is mine. I am living my life for me. Stop asking permission for your happiness.
I wasted too much of my life being unhappy and not liking the person I was. The people that surrounded me years ago never made me feel good in my skin. Working on falling in love with myself is an every day, in the moment journey. For old beliefs and ways of thinking tend to creep up and try to bring you down. Doubt and fear are loud and want to make you believe you don’t deserve to feel this way and question your worth. They can become too loud and cripple you with anxiety.
I am able to face them as they occur. Realizing the buried pain that stemmed the anxious thoughts. Observing the emotions as they occur. Then being able to face the demons head on without numbing the pain to be able to release it. Letting go of the stories I’ve grown to believe about the pain. Through the process realizing its okay to be a work in progress and let go of judgment towards myself.

Feeling the emotions as intense as they are. Growing from releasing what no longer serves me to be able to move forward. Clearing out the fear can push us beyond limiting beliefs that held us back before.
You can reach your full potential. Over time we slowly let go of the things that weigh us down and take us away from our true self. Whatever nasty habit, routine, or relationship in your life that needs to be released for you to reach your happiness must be done. Change is scary and the shift can result in unwanted emotions that you must face to be able to release. But you deserve to feel happy. To get there you need to let go in this new year of what no longer serves you. Give yourself the time to heal. While you heal and focus on your relationship with yourself, you’ll discover who you are in a whole new way. By granting yourself the freedom to live life for you.

Stop dimming your light. 2018 is ready to see it.