Sunday, December 10, 2017

falling in love in Chicago

I have learned to appreciate moments with the humans in my life that I value as friends. I appreciate the connection we have and how it differs from any I have with anyone else. Friendships can be as strong and close as family or a romantic partner.
Some friends are your soulmates. You have those that come into your life at the exact time you were meant to meet. Some move to new places but when you are both in the same city, you make each other the top priority. Friendships can be romantic in a sense. They are relationships where all you feel is love and wanting pure happiness for the other. I have learned to value all these connections and the time we spend together.
Spontaneity got the best of us and we planned a girl's trip without hesitation. The tickets were affordable and the weekend completely free for all three of us. No research was done or agendas created for the trip. Nothing was planned and we enjoyed every second of it. Each day unfolded with delicious food, long walks through the city and being present with each other. The city revealed to us all we needed to see. Art galleries lured us in with their colors from the streets. We all walked through in silence, appreciating what we saw and realizing the emotions it made us feel.
That is what art is. It’s created to make you feel something.

As I sat in the middle of a gallery in the city, I looked around at the art that surrounded me. The paint had made its way off the canvases with the soft fluid movement onto the walls and consumed the space it was in. Feeling calm and alive, I was certain I was exactly where I was meant to be. Detached from the world but so involved in what's in front of you
We were three Florida girls in the windy city experiencing winter with the opportunity to truly feel Christmas. The streets glistened with lights covering every tree, light post and window. Music playing everywhere you went to get you in the spirit. Even the shrubbery was decorated with pinecones. It was a complete holiday wonderland with chilly weather to match. It was the most amount of clothes I have worn all year and the most Christmas spirit I have felt since I was a child.
We have moments in our lives. Moments we don’t forget that stick with us, the ones that make you feel something. I was able to have alone time with each friend, which gave me a chance to adventure with each in our own way.
Becky and I explored Wicker Park making stops wherever struck our curiosity. When we needed to refuel, we stopped into a coffee shop with large cozy leather couches that we sunk into. Sipping on our caffeine while Beyonce played through the speakers, I couldn’t be happier with the moment in front of me. Our day ended with a gluttonous romantic pasta dinner. As I looked over the table during the multiple entrees we shared, I realized this was one of those moments. I was truly present appreciating our friendship and realizing how much it had grown over time. I fell more in love with her in this new city we were experiencing together. We have friends that we instantly connect with and over time we fall more in love with. This moment and the entire day will be part of how our friendship grew.
Kristen and I spent all of Sunday together. The sun rose lighting up the city through the buildings as we walked to breakfast. We sat at a French cafĂ© with big cups of hot frothed beverages and discussed the future. Giving each other outlooks at where we saw the other and ourselves. Walking through the park in the morning light, I found a patch of grass that looked far more delightful to lie upon instead of having my feet take one more step. When I suggested the idea Kristen joined me on the ground. Starting my playlist up, we both listened and moved our bodies without speaking. I lay looking up at the cloudless sky realizing that not all friends will just silently do yoga by each other in different cities together. We understand the other and can flow without feeling the need to fill in space with words. 
We made our way to the art museum where we were the complete opposite of silent. Linked arms, roaming through all the rooms of the Art Institute discussing the art and laughing at the amount of nipples one museum could have. A day like this filled with ab inducing laughter and breathless cackles together is how I fell more in love with her. We were able to see a new city together and appreciate the morning light shining through the tall buildings.
Friends remind you of who you are and let you know that it’s entirely okay to be that way. They bring out the childlike soul within you and know exactly what to say to make you fall over in laughter.
Each soulmate comes into your life to make you feel happy and loved. Seeing you for who you are and knowing your strength. Wanting only for you to become more and be greater. You experience different things in life together and no two friendships are ever the same.
This girl’s trip was planned on a whim. Gallivanting a new city together all bundled up; I fell more in love with my friends and realized that we are soulmates. Appreciate the moments you have with each friendship. Realize they are all unique and each brings out different emotions within you. Surround yourself with only love and make to be present to feel it all.