Monday, October 30, 2017

music festival vibes

Music is intimate. It’s a connection between the musician and you. Live performances allow you to feel the connection even deeper. The melodies flow through our bodies, yet we all interpret music differently. There are those that enjoy standing upright and letting their ears be consumed by every beat. Both feet planted into the ground as if any movement would distract them from receiving the music. Then there are the ones that sway or two-step maintaining a steady beat, so their bodies can absorb the vibrations through the consistent movement. For some the music flows throughout their entire body, taking over and guiding different body parts to flow with the beat. At times even closing the eyes to shut off one sense to better absorb without the outside world looking back. Using the music to free you from your mind and bring you into your body.
Music festivals give you the opportunity to watch passionate creators performing for you to move to. The festival line-ups contain wide varieties of music for all to experience. We all come together to wander from stage to stage to find the music that makes us feel something.
We all groove to different kinds of music. It’s the ones that vibe on your same wavelength that accompany you through the multiple day fest. Always finding the ideal spot that gave us a view of the musicians while also allowing plenty of room to move our bodies as freely as needed. Dropping our backpacks to the ground to reduce the weight on our shoulders. The sweat dripped down our faces as the music washed over all of us in the heat of Texas. We survived on tamales for fuel to keep us going. Watching musicians we admire and ones we discovered that day leaving us inspired and exhausted.
My toothy grin went from ear to ear forcing my eyes to become small slits hiding behind my sun kissed cheeks. Behind my dust covered sunglasses I peeped at my life. Feeling my soul glow and my heart filling with immense happiness. I was by these women that I adore being reminded of our bond and how it grew stronger after this adventure.
In a new city with two of my closest girl friends surviving the heat to experience the whole weekend. We created our small circle in the head bobbing crowd where no one else existed but the music and us, dancing around aimlessly and laughing together.
It was by these women that I felt I could be my purest self. They see me for me and allow me to be. It is the women you surround yourself with that will inspire you to move forward. The close friends who want you to only succeed and live your truth. The friendships that always give each other the room to be raw and vulnerable with no judgment. It is the ladies that I idolize and can call my best friends.
Even though we can’t always be together at a music festival holding each other’s hands tightly as we maneuver our way in the crowds, I feel strengthened knowing their support is always holding me up. The music freed us from our daily routines and brought us into our present bodies. Allowing us to all vibe on the same wavelength.