Wednesday, November 16, 2016

my story for the world to see

Follow the path that is being shown to you.
Two months ago a good friend tagged me in a post on Facebook about contacting Insider with travel stories. I opened an email and started writing. Once I was done my ego crept in and started questioning who I was to be sending a famous site my story. My ego won in that moment and I minimized the email. After the growth of traveling for two months I decided to send that email.
Within a few weeks I was called and interviewed for a post on Insider.
Within a few days my post was on the homepage!

Here is my story:

After quitting her corporate job, this 26-year-old took a whirlwind solo trip through the Middle East

Don't ever let your ego take control. You are worth far more than you give yourself credit for. I am practicing this every single day. Shine light and love on the fear and doubt in yourself.