Sunday, November 6, 2016

love your damn self

Traveling alone is an entirely different experience. I didn’t expect it to be so transformational.
I decided before I left to wear no make up. I am not a huge make up junkie to begin with but I was getting used to the habit of covering my face a few times a week.
We all go through trials and tribulations in life that take us away from who we are. We stop giving our self the time we deserve. We put our needs, health and care at the bottom of the list. We tend to drain ourselves in our work, relationships, and anything that takes the focus away from caring for our self. We put every person before us.
Self-care and self-love are necessary. They are not selfish but required for you to feel balanced and centered.
So the reason for going makeup free while I traveled was because I did not want to hide my face anymore. I wanted to be able to see every flaw, every pore and every unfortunate zit. Seeing my skin raw and uncovered to be able to love myself with no mask on. Seeing your skin that often with no ability to cover it up is very intimidating and honestly not easy. I made sure not to pack any make-up with me at all so that I would not be tempted.
You want to know what I realized after two months of no make up?
I am beautiful. Excuse my vanity for a second, but I never realized until now.  My face has been glowing for months. All my friends have been informing me that since following my gut, they have seen my face radiating. I never saw what they were talking about until now.
It took me flying across the world, sans makeup and doing things for me; that made me see this shine they have been speaking of. I took the time for me, and I was by definition selfish. I left my home, comfort, friends and family to travel by myself for two months. To escape my routine and the endless search for a job, just to be with myself.
I dedicated this time to myself. To follow my intuition to find what lights a fire within me. I have fallen in love with my strength, my bravery and myself. I have been nothing but raw and unfiltered in my skin and in my writing.
I am being me. 100% Natasha, no filter, no lies and no cover-up.
Take the time to fall in love with yourself! It is vital for your happiness. I have never felt happier and more in love with life than I do right now.
Begin small. Start with positive self-talk. The conversations we have with ourselves is usually harsh and very critical. The voice inside our head can be judgmental and mean. We would never speak to a loved one in the manner we speak to ourselves. We need to change the conversation to more positive and encouraging. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to a close friend. Shower yourself with compliments, it feels silly at first but it is more transformational than you would expect.
Two months of traveling with no make up and no diet has made me fall in love with all the shapes my body is. Instead of being unkind to myself for the weight I have gained or the fact that my skin isn’t flawless, I see it all as practices to deepen my love. I am not model thin and my skin has a tendency to break out while I travel but I am okay with that. I love my body and what it is capable of. I love my face for its ability to always shine when I am following my heart.

So be selfish and just love your damn self!