Friday, June 24, 2016

Yoga Transformation

A few years ago I had finished school.
Moved back home.
Had no plan.
Had my heart shattered by people, career possibilities and my own inner voice.
Had my anxiety increase.
Had chest pain.
With only myself and my uneasy thoughts.
I began my journey for self.
It began with a book.
As most all big changes begin with.
This book made me realize I had been denying myself of love for years.
It taught me how to meditate. How to take the time to slow my thoughts.
It revealed to me how to calm my anxiety and release the train of thoughts that caused my heart destruction.
As I continued with the meditation, I began diving into more yoga.
The yoga made me feel strong.
I saw it for just the physical in the beginning.
But I always enjoyed the savasana.
I also continued meditating at home.
My anxiety lessened greatly.
I started to love myself and love all the books I could grab onto to help me with my path.
Slowly the yoga became more powerful.
I was focusing on my breath with the movement.
I was focusing on releasing and easing into it.
I was focusing on what made me happy.
I felt the yoga transforming me.
Changing my thought patterns.
Increasing my strength.
Allowing me to slow down and focus on my thoughts.
It allowed me to release my negative self chatter.
So with all these astonishing feelings I was feeling from the yoga, I needed to deepen my practice and learn more.
So I got yoga certified. I immersed myself in the training for three weeks.
Learning about all that yoga encompasses.
 I had no idea how much yoga deals with all aspects of life.
How it affects everything.
How your body responds to pain. How it holds onto tension. How yoga allows you to ease into the pain. Allows you to breath into the fear and release. Allows you to see your true self.
Your happiest self.
Yoga continued transforming me.
And it continues to everyday.
I know when to breath.
 Where to focus.
Yoga has been the most beneficial thing in my life.
It has calmed me.
It has lessened my anxiety to almost nothing.
But most importantly

Yoga has taught me to love myself.