Monday, May 30, 2016

living your true purpose

When you see people living their true purpose and their dream life, it beams from their skin and you can hear it in their voice.
You can see it in their face.
You can feel it in the way they walk, move and express themselves.
Dreams come in all shapes and forms.
They way you see them is in how that person chooses to express themself.
It’s all an art form.
Art that we want you to see, and to feel something.
A mode to express and reveal adventures, emotions, growth and life.
And when they find the way to do it, they do it with all their heart and soul.
They are all around us.
Those living their true purpose.
Living their truth that they know in their heart is what they are supposed to.
Spread their joy in the shape they choose.
Expressing yourself in art doesn’t always mean taking a paintbrush to a canvas.
Art comes in all forms.
I have been lucky enough in the past month to go to two concerts. I have seen two women who are living their purpose and their dream.
And that is to share their stories through their songs.
To let you experience the love they have felt, the pain, the sorrow and the triumphs.
To let you dance to the rhythms of their lives.
To feel their heart break in your veins by the way the way they hit the note with their voice.
The way the instruments and vocals together can cover your entire body with goose bumps.
The way the lyrics bring you to a time that you can entirely relate to and either grin or cry.
The way the music just makes you feel.
We saw their art.

They showed us all how they are living their true purpose.
& oh boy did we feel it.
We danced to the rhythm of their hearts.
A humongous audience swaying to the songs, inhaling the lyrics and being intoxicated by the emotions the words had on them.

Living your truth is whatever life you choose that allows your heart to sing.