Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kind Words// Part 2

I’m not sure when it started.
I can’t remember how far back.
But I have always taken my hurt feelings and buried them deep.
I have always shoved them under the rug.
Pretending they didn’t exist, hiding the emotions I was feeling, and disregarding the fact that it was filling me up inside.

I always hid my pain.
Always told that it didn’t matter.
Or everyone feels that way.
Or there are people who have it far worse.
So I buried them.
One by one I hid them.
Not taking the time to feel.
Always focusing on trying to be happy and have fun.
But never feeling the emotion at that time that caused me upset.

Never taking the time for me.
To feel.
To heel.
To forgive.
& to let go.
So over the years it has built up inside me.
Filling me with anger and resentment that came out for moments but when realized would be hidden once again.
Pretending I am okay.
Trying to be the cool go with the flow girl that was always having fun.
Until I couldn’t pretend anymore. I couldn’t put my feelings, my emotions, my happiness aside anymore. I needed to take the time.
Take the time for me to figure things out. To care for myself.

To love myself.

One day at a time you heal.
One day at a time you grow.
One day at a time you find the happiness in every moment.
Let each day show you what it has to offer.