Tuesday, August 25, 2015

quarter life crisis

Since being back I have had much time to just sit and think.
& have realized I don't really know where I want to go from here.

I am 25 and I am lost.

That is a bold statement I know.

I am not the only one though.
Catching up with all my friends after my travels I have realized we are all in the same boat.
This boat seems to be a huge boat full of our generation.
Just lost souls.

The answer to why this boat is so big will probably appear in some BuzzFeed article in a few years but for now all we can do is try to figure it out.

Everyone says your 20's is when you figure it out.
I am halfway through and still no where closer to the clear answer.

But maybe there isn't a "clear answer".

My future self isn't going to just appear looking fabulous with purple hair and a carefree style and stand in front of me and say "Oh girl the answer was right in front of you this entire time, you just were too busy looking everywhere for it".

The universe has a way of sending you messages.
Guiding you to the next move.

Doubtful that future Natasha will appear with the answers but someone will.

I have been very interested in yoga and learning more about it.
I find with all my free time I just want to learn more about basically everything.
So I attended an open house that discussed yoga training to become yoga certified.

I felt a bit anxious at first and thought about not attending because I didn’t want to go alone. But sometimes we don’t need a companion as a shield. And I convinced my fearful mind that I needed to go.

I met the ladies I was meant to meet.
Designers, yogis and like minded women.

I connected with one in particular and she could tell I needed some guidance, she hugged me and said I am here for you.

The next day I was going to a body toning class at my gym.
The class begun and some ladies scooted in after the warm up.
I looked up to see her!
After the class I went up to her and informed her that the universe wants us to talk!
She drops the weights in her hands and hugs me tightly and says

"Spill your soul to me sister"

This may not be the answer but it sure is a shove in the right direction.