Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pura Vida

Have you ever gone to a location and just fallen in love with it? Where the atmosphere, the feel & the people embrace you the second you get there.  A place where nature occupies the lifestyle and the population embraces it instead of demolishing it. An area with so many shades of green and blue, your eyes can’t help but look everywhere.

I fell in love with Costa Rica. My family has not vacationed in years and I was beyond ecstatic when my dad informed us of our trip to Costa Rica.  We stayed along the Gulf of Papagayo off the Guanacaste province and northwestern coast of Costa Rica. The trip was breatktaking to say the least.

Mountains covered in greenery surrounded the gulf we stayed on. Something you never see here in Florida. I rented a jet ski and released into the gulf. The moment I started the ignition and was zooming in the water. I felt it. 
That moment where everything melted away. Every problem, all fears, all anxieties just melted into the water. 
I was free.

A few days later we went zip lining. Which was a very first for my family and me. Hanging upside down and dashing through the trees I looked down at everything I was surrounded by. I inhaled all the nature and remembered to stay in the moment. I let out a scream and once again that feeling overcame by entire body. Freedom.

We rented a car and drove a few hours to Tamarindo. A typical tourist location with gorgeous beaches typically infested with visitors but in September (the rainy season) completely empty. The water was mine. I had a two-hour surf lesson and went out into the water. I was informed by a knowledgeable surfer before my trip to Costa Rica that once in the water on your board, look back at the shore, see what Costa Rica is and feel the energies of the water, flow with the energies and just surf. My surf instructor informed me not to think too much, just surf. Best two pieces of advice I have been given.

I flowed with the energies of the water and stood on the board while embracing the abundance of Costa Rica foliage ahead of me. I was free.

Here are some snippets of my week long stay. I shall return very soon. Pura Vida.