Monday, December 29, 2014


It comes in many forms. Poetry, song lyrics, paintings, drawings, music, photography and more; art has no definite form. Behind all art forms is passion. You can sense it see it and at times feel it. 

Art is showcased to reveal emotion. Emotion forms into stories that are illustrated for one or more of our senses to grasp. Most passion stems from pain. Pain can be illustrated into a passionate oil painting masterpiece or written into heartfelt song lyrics.

I see live music often. And we see art almost everyday. But this week I finally realized what it all meant.

An inspirational trip to Tampa & St Pete opened my eyes.

Seeing The Black Keys and being so close I was able to see their facial expressions that made me experience every song lyric. The enthusiasm in the drummer & the passion behind the singer’s voice emphasized their story and their emotion behind it.  I devoured every song. The entire arena did. An entire room was there to listen to the passion of these two men.

The next day, we visited the Dali Museum in St Pete. An exclusive exhibit of Picasso was also featured at the museum. As the billboard proclaimed “two legends. Side by side”, and never was an advertisement truer. The masterpieces of both artist revealed their stories, their pain, and their transformation to the artist they wanted to become. They both started with what was expected, simple portraits and landscapes. As they developed through the years, their stories began to be revealed. Salvador Dali became very interested in Sigmund Freud’s writing about the mind and the theory of the subconscious. Dali was very interested in what dreams had to reveal. Many of his paintings were images from his subconscious illustrated for us to see the tale behind his dreams. The symbolism behind every piece revealed his tale.

Express yourself through art. Any form. Any way. Let us hear/see/feel what you have to say.