Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Girl Who Cried Freedom

Within the span of 8 months I’ve seen him perform twice.
My mind, heart and body were in two different places for each time.
Both stages were days filled with love and laughter.
Except this show I felt deeply within my heart. 

This man from the UK sang of pain and from the dwelling of my heart at this moment, I could feel it. Looking directly at him as his words came from deep within his soul and filled the room. I planted my feet on the ground to be able to allow the music in. As my body filled with its power, my hand clutched my heart.
He was feeling his pain as he revived his heart to tell his story.
Using that honesty of his emotions to reveal his story.
The words seeped into my aching heart and it burst. My eyes filled with tears slowly.
As he felt, the entire room felt the rawness of his heartbreak.
He opened his heart to show it to this small intimate room in Orlando.
Feeling and hearing the words illuminating what I couldn’t describe deep within.
I felt a release. A spiritual connection and letting go during his performance. His art.
He looked at the audience with the lights on.
Thanked them for giving him their time, for time is so precious.

Time is such a fascinating concept. The growth that happens as it passes by.
You don’t realize it until you are faced in similar surroundings or emotions.
The time to feel, to allow what needs to flow to come through.
As days pass, things begin to feel less.
As months go by, things feel differently.
The first time I saw him was in Paris at a free concert that we happened to find ourselves at. I discovered him months before when his music reoccurred in my yoga playlist because of the power of his voice and the instrumentals. Seeing his name on the weekend festival flyer, I knew I was destined to see him perform live. It was outside in the sunshine and I felt the joy within his lyrics and his energy. For I was among my two girlfriends letting inspiration consume us.

Music has this way of letting you feel emotions that you can’t truly convey. This understanding of your heart as you surrender to feeling it.
I woke up the next morning with these lyrics echoing inside me. 

“Oh, please be good to me
Oh save my soul and lead me home
I've been running for far too long
Oh, please be good to me” 
I surrender to this moment. 
To not run anymore, but to feel.

(All pictures taken by me in Paris, France July 2018, I was too present to take pictures at this last show)