Wednesday, December 26, 2018

year of discovery | new year upon us

This year has been a year of discovery. I realized that I haven’t wanted to share as much because I am realizing things on my own that I am not fully ready to express yet.
My writing has become my solace in my journal. My creations and my art are therapy for my being. I feel connected to myself even more when I take time away from my computer and phone. I’m giving myself time. For feeling emotions, being in my body & dreaming with eyes wide open.
I am learning to speak my truth and value myself in ways I never knew.
This year has taught me SO damn much.
Maybe one day I will tell you all about it.
It just doesn’t feel right for me to share yet.
Each person is different. Which means each discovery of self is different.
It is not linear. It is a journey.
The timing is their own.
It is no race. No rush. There doesn’t need to be force either.
But it is work towards your happiness. For your dreams and goals.
To release blocks within yourself that have kept you from FULLY loving.
From FULLY believing.
Becoming aware of habits and narratives that need change.
You have the capability to create your life.
Embrace each moment.
Especially during this week before the new year.
Take time to evaluate the growth this past year has provided you.
The learnings that have occurred throughout it.
Accept it. Accept all of it.
Forgive those that have hurt you.
Forgive yourself for mistakes or wrong turns you have made.
All of them. Every one. Led you here.
To this moment in your body approaching a brand new year.
Accept the past.
Accept the present.
Focus on what you want this new year to provide you.
Get clear. Connect with yourself to know the next steps to take.
No one knows.
Only you.
I’m not hiding from the world.
I’m just being part of it more.
May I continue to be filled with love & happiness.
May I continue to be guided & trust my intuition.
Happy New Year!